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Alex & Ania
Husband & Wife Travel Photographers

Welcome to Our Page

LeNovel was born in 2014.  The words "Lens" and "Novel" combined together is how our name was created.  We are telling a story through a lens.  We slowly grew into a full time business by wanting to take pictures of our family & friends.  It is our passion to capture life happening and to be apart of a couples special moments. Everything is excitement to us.  The emotions, the laughter, smiles that leave an imprint on your face, the unknown.  

We never stop.
Like fashion, style is always changing.
New looks, new techniques.
We want to know how to do it all. From owning pretty much everything photography related. Nikon, Canon, Sony.
We fly drones, we use stabilizers.  It's our goal to create something rare.  Create something you can look at many years from now and enjoy.

Our team.
Our team is constantly growing. With more and more couples reaching out to us we had the opportunity to expand.  Being super selective with who joined the team, we added individuals who spent hours and hours training and exchanging ideas. We always use one person to edit all of our work so it's very consistant. Our reputation is very important to us.

Alex & Ania.
I saw a girl and I had no choice.  She captured my eyes. I had to ask her out.  I wanted to be around her.  I said a drink, tea, coffee, a movie, tips on cutting my hair, anything just to talk to her.
Eventually she came out.  We decided on a grabbing a drink.  A day drink.  It was a rollercoaster that first date.  Like 4 bars later and about 10 of my friends showing up it was easily the best first date i've ever been on.  Loving photography and her being the perfect subject it was meant to be.  Her obession was like mine.  Doing a quick shoot would turn into thousands of pictures.  Constantly challenging eachothers minds. She drives me to be better.  To keep learning.  Having two visions is better than one. There is nothing better than watching a couple in love and getting to capture those moments creatively together.

Our One Year Wedding Anniversary.